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Withdrawals are cross domain transactions initiated on the rollup, and finalized by a transaction executed on the base chain.

To maintain a shared language, Rollbridge refers to bridge operations where tokens flow from the base chain to the rollup as deposits, and bridge operations where tokens flow from the rollup to the base chain as withdrawals.

7 day delay

On networks with standard OP Stack configurations, withdrawals require a total of 3 transactions (one on the rollup and two on the base chain) and a seven day waiting period.

After initiating the withdrawal proof that the transaction occurred on the rollup needs to provided to the base chain. This can't be done until the rollup state roots are published to the base chain. State roots are published periodically everywhere 1 to 12 hours depending on how the OptimismPortal contract is configured for the rollup.

After the transaction has been proven, a 7 day challenge period needs to be observed. This 7 day period allows for other network participants to challenge the integrity of the corresponding output root. Once the challenge period has passed, the withdrawal can be finalized with a third and final transaction.

For more information, please refer to the withdrawal specs in the OP Stack documentation.