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The Rollbridge is your entrypoint into rollup ecosystems! With Rollbridge you can bridge Ether and other tokens into and out of any supported network.

Base chain

As rollup ecosystems mature we find that rollups don't always settle to a layer one chain like Ethereum, but rather to a layer two (like Arbitrum One), naturally the rollup itself becomes a layer three.

To maintain a shared language when talking about chains we refer to base chain and rollup instead of layer one, two or three respectively.


In the context of a rollup, a deposit is a transaction initiated on the base chain (e g. Ethereum Mainnet) and executed on the rollup (e.g. OP Mainnet).

To maintain a shared language, Rollbridge refers to bridge operations where tokens flow from the base chain to the rollup as deposits.


Withdrawals are cross domain transactions initiated on the rollup, and finalized by a transaction executed on the base chain.

To maintain a shared language, Rollbridge refers to bridge operations where tokens flow from the rollup to the base chain as withdrawals.

Forced withdrawals

Forced withdrawals are just like standard withdrawals, except they are initiated from the base chain. Meaning inclusion of the transaction is guaranteed on the rollup chain and can't be censored.

Easy Mode

Easy Mode is a setting you can enable in Rollbridge for withdrawals. With Easy Mode, Rollbridge will handle relaying withdrawals to the base chain, freeing users from setting calendar reminders and sending additional transactions.


The Superchain is a horizontally scalable network of chains that share security, a communication layer, and an open source development stack. A permissionless system for deploying new chains to a shared network opens the door to massive scale, novel applications, and a new revenue model that rewards application developers for the fees their chains generate, and rewards protocol developers for the public goods they create.

Read more about the Superchain and the Optimism Collective here.

The main thing you're going to be doing with Rollbridge will be bridging assets between Ethereum Mainnet and OP Stack powered L2's like Optimism, Base, Zora, etc.